Antidotes, Stories in Medicine is a weekly podcast where healthcare providers from around the world share personal stories and the cases that have impacted them the most throughout their careers. Each episode varies as much as the guest & their role in the field in medicine. Some stories are humorous, others insightful, and many heart wrenching, but all have shaped the way they practice medicine.

Antidotes is hosted by Christine, a nurse practitioner and former EMT, who like many emergency medicine providers found herself often being asked, “What’s the craziest/ goriest/ wildest/ most interesting thing you’ve seen?” Years of working on an ambulance in a busy, urban 911 service provided plenty of party stories, but also an appreciation for the brotherhood & sisterhood of first responder that develops from working in such extreme situations.


Paramedics, firefighters, nurses, and physicians face extremely high rates of depression, PTSD, and suicide due, in part, to years of daily exposure to trauma & stress, but many find comfort sharing stories with others in the field in crew rooms, cabs of trucks, or dingy garages. Antidotes, Stories in Medicine hopes to share the experiences of these professionals to highlight the importance of mental health treatment for healthcare workers to the general public, but also to create that sense of camaraderie felt in crew rooms when providers hear that others have had similar experiences and reactions.


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Disclaimer: This podcast is not meant to provide medical advice. Always consult with your own health care professional. Names, locations, times & any other potentially identifying information about cases discussed have been changed to protect privacy.

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