The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, was declared a pandemic this week by the World Health Organization. Christine breaks down the science behind COVID-19 with Tina from Good Nurse Bad Nurse along with possible therapies, and how we can all help to reduce transmission (hint TP stashing isn’t at the top of the list!). Everything discussed was sourced from the CDC, WHO, and research articles accessed from The Lancet’s COVID-19 Resource Centre

Information is up to date as of Friday morning 3/13/2020. As always consult your local providers and Departments of Health on any treatments or testing. 




Clinical Presentation

WHO Management Guidelines for Severe COVID19 Cases

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Disclaimer: This podcast is not meant to provide medical advice. Always consult with your own health care professional. Names, locations, times & any other potentially identifying information about cases discussed have been changed to protect privacy. 

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